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Governance Research Environmental Academy Network.

GREAN DREAM ESG reporting, webinar and trainig supports the 17 UN SDGs, with emphasis on Economy, Environmental, Education, Society & Governance


Environmental; A key objective for the incoming European Commission is the future of the planet. The rising environmental concerns about the impact on climate, drives industry innovation to minimize pollution and new legislation.

Socio-Economic; Replacing the current linear economy with a circular economy reaching a climate-neutral economy in 30 years or less. Key to this endeavor is greater use of renewable and clean energy technologies, the re-skilling of people, and a greater capacity to recycle, while implementing widespread eco-friendly practices.

Governance and policy; Legislation to adapt to the various changes, - Facing American and Chinese domination in the digital sphere - The European Digital New Deal has to set up a new type of regulation and step up enforcement action to combat unfair competition, while enabling innovation and ensuring the permanence of our core values

ESGWATCH web tv series, is a bi-weekly web tv program addressing Environmental Social Governance (ESG) issues that are crucial for reaching a climate-neutral economy.

The Socio-Economic repercussions to replace the current linear economy with a circular economy while enabling innovation to adapt to the various changes.

New type of legislation to combat unfair competition and cyber security.

The General objective is to make short documentaries.

ESG WATCH TV supports the 17 UN SDGs, with emphasis on Economy, Environmental, Socio-Economics, Governance & Policies. 

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Global Research Environmental Academy Network.

https://www.sdgs.be/nl/sustainable-video-journalist  covering the SDG’s.

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“My job in the 21th century is not to conquer the earth, but to protect her”.


Title: New  Media  and  Small  Wind  Turbines  in  Remote  Areas
Speaker: Ginio Franker, ZENTREPRENEUR, Belgium




Measuring Stakeholder Capitalism – Part 1



Measuring Stakeholder Capitalism - Part 2



#EUGreenWeek   Partner event MAY 13–17, 2019  Join our Webinars on best practices Climate Solutions, Policy Guidelines by Hal Haley.

Environmental laws have a huge impact on our life. They improve water and air quality, they protect nature, and they encourage recycling and waste management. But to really make an appreciable difference, these EU laws must be implemented in full.

With the effects of climate change already upon us, the need to cut global greenhouse gas emissions is nothing less than urgent. It’s a daunting challenge, but the technologies and strategies to meet it exist today. A small set of energy policies, designed and implemented well, can put us on the path to a low carbon future. Energy systems are large and complex, so energy policy must be focused and cost-effective. One-size-fits-all approaches simply won’t get the job done. Policymakers need a clear, comprehensive resource that outlines the energy policies that will have the biggest impact on our climate future, and describes how to design these policies well.
We don’t need to wait for new technologies or strategies to create a low carbon future—and we can’t afford to. Designing Climate Solutions gives professionals the tools they need to select, design, and implement the policies that can put us on the path to a livable climate future.

#EUSEW2019 Energy Fair partner event June 17-21, 2019. Visit our booth for interactive mini workshops, engage in debates, be entertained about Energy Policy Guidelines & Climate Solutions.

Innovation, Al Gore's latest news on Climate Crisis, Climate injustice. Environmental Social Governance KPI's for innovative business models.